Foire aux questions

1. I would like to clean the injection system of my car with your Diesel Injection Curative Treatment. Is it compatible with my car

The Ecotec Diesel Injection Curative Treatment ref. 1111 is compatible with all types of injection system with or without diesel particulate filter, old and new generation. The same for the other Ecotec diesel treatments : 1010, 1118, 1116. 

2. Which is the difference between 1111 Diesel Injection Curative Treatment and 1211 Diesel Injection Flush?

The difference is related to the application of the product and the time of action. The 1211 has a professional application; it cleans the injection system by aspiration directly by the pump (via the filter) with the use of a device. Its action is immediate.

The 1111 is a treatment to be poured into the fuel tank. Its action begins after 150 km and it is complete when the treated fuel is consumed.  

3. Is the use of the Diesel Circuit Cleaner reference 1010 compatible with the particulate filter?

All our fuel treatments are compatible with particulate filters, including reference 1010. More, they help reducing the level of soot and particulate emissions and restoring it to the manufacturer’s standards.

We also have a treatment  that helps for a quicker and more complete regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, especially in conditions that make it difficult ( urban use, small distances, low speed): REGE FAP Diesel Particulate Filter Regenerator reference 1107.

4. Your product Petrol Injection Curative Treatment, can it be used with all types of injection and carburetors?

Yes. The Petrol Injection Curative Treatment ref. 1101 is compatible with all petrol injection system (direct and indirect) and with polluting control systems. The same applies to the other Ecotec petrol treatments.

5. What product to use for my gearbox, if gear shift is a little rough?

We have 2 products suitable for gearboxes with firm shifting ref. 1025 T2S Modified Silicone Surface Treatment and reference 1122 MoS2 Treatment for gears, axles and transfer boxes. 1122 is recommended for use in conjunction with a T2S treatment for high mileage transmissions.

6. Should I replace the fuel filter before or after treatment with the Petrol Injection Curative Treatment? Why replace it?

It is advisable to replace the filter after treatment, once the fuel consumed. The product ref. 1101 cleans the injection system and the fuel filter retains the impurities. The fuel filter has an important role in the quality of the fuel injected into the engine and its proper operation. The regular treatment of your fuel injection system is very important too.

7. What product to use to prevent clogging of my particulate filter?

REGE FAP reference 1107 Particulate Filter Regenerator. Helps for a quicker and more complete regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, especially in conditions that make it difficult (urban use, small distances, low speed). Treatment to be poured in the fuel tank.

8. I would like to know if engine must be turned on, while cleaning the air conditioning with Quick-Pur?

Yes, the engine must run at idle, the A/C and the ventilation must be turned on, recycling mode, so the product can get into the ventilation system.