Ecotec is a French company which designs, manufactures and markets professional treatments and consumables for the maintenance of cars, trucks and machines used in the industry field, agriculture, marine, etc.


Ecotec was created in France in 1993 and rapidly developed its activity in the whole country and abroad. Ecotec has many commercial agreements with manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, Isuzu, Lexus... Ecotec exports its products in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. 


  • 170 products packaged from 30 g to 210 L
  • 3 complete ranges: Light Vehicles, Heavy Engines, Car Care
  • Constant innovation, evolution and new products

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Diesel Particulate Filter Regenerator

REGE-FAP is an additive that catalyzes the soots combustion and decreases significantly the temperature at which the soot is burned in the particulate filter. Therefore it avoids filter clogging due to the accumulation of soot. 

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Why the injection systems needs to be cleaned

Engine fouling is inevitable due to the fuel combustion process in which residues are released. Often composed of soot, these residues are gradually deposited on the parts of the injection system: injectors, combustion chambers, valves, etc.

See our Black Line Range

See our Black Line Range

Products for cleaning and finishing