1107 - REGE-FAP


  • Organometallic additive that catalyzes the soots combustion and decreases significantly the temperature at which the soot is burned.
  • The combustion of the soot treated with REGE-FAP is 5 times faster than the combustion of non-treated soot.
  • Very concentrated, easy to use treatment, to be poured into the fuel tank.


  • Helps for a quicker and more complete regeneration of the diesel particulate filter, especially in conditions that make it difficult ( urban use, small distances, low speed).
  • Avoids filter clogging due to the accumulation of soot.
  • Avoids prolonged excessive temperatures in the cases of difficult regenerations and protects the DPF against damage and corrosion caused by excessive temperatures.
  • Reduces the engine oil’s deterioration due to long regenerations.
  • Allows a maximum effectiveness with only 250 ml.


Pour REGE-FAP before filling-up the fuel tank with 40 to 60 liters of diesel fuel. The minimum quantity to treat is 25 liters of fuel. Treatment to be used every 3-4 fuel full. Do not over treat. Not suitable for diesel particulate filters
functioning with a regeneration additive (PSA Technology).

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