About us

ECOTEC for ECOLOGY ECONOMY TECHNOLOGY was founded in 1993 by Christian Talon, in conjunction with his activity as a Toyota dealer in the PACA region. Visionary and passionate about the automotive industry, the founder quickly understood the need to develop the profitability of automotive after-sales and its associated potential.

Initially focused on engine additives, the ECOTEC range has gradually evolved towards treatments for air conditioning systems and more broadly, chemicals for car maintenance.

Ecotec's development has always been guided by strong values such as quality, reliability and innovation. Recognized brand and referenced by many manufacturers, the success of Ecotec has exceeded national borders, being now distributed in more than 20 countries.

As a specialist, Ecotec is above all an agile company, recognized for its innovative concepts, particularly in the development of sales in the workshop. Thus, Ecotec successfully participates in increasing the profitability and reliability of workshops through its products. Ecotec's sales representatives provide technical and commercial support throughout whole France.

In 2021 Ecotec took a new step and invested in a strategic partnership with  the German equipment manufacturer, Elring. Ecotec has been marketing the Elring "Das Original" range of consumables since October 2021, including chemical sealants, gasket sets and plug sets. As a consulting partner, the objective of this range is to facilitate multi-brand maintenance within workshops.

See the video presentation of the head office and the ECOTEC storage platform in Tarascon.