1062 - SEC-NET


  • High cleaning power (self-active).
  • Multi-purpose product, can be applied on glasses, textiles, carpets, hard and soft surfaces, bodyworks.
  • Wide range of stains cleaned.
  • Smooth and structured foam.
  • Fresh and pleasant scent.
  • Economical high-volume format.


  • Extremely versatile foam that can be used in workshops, car preparations and offices.
  • Removes easily and quickly stains and traces on glasses, textiles, carpets, hard and soft surfaces.
  • Allows full cleaning of a car cockpit, including glasses, with only one product.

Spray Sec-Net on surfaces to clean. Let it work and then wipe it off. On textiles and carpets, use it as a carpet foam cleaner.
For sensitive surfaces and materials with no coating, such as aluminium, make a preliminary test on a small area.

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