1102 - START+


  • Highly flammable formulation with an upper cylinder lubricant and anticorrosive additive.
  • Product specially formulated to ease starting petrol and diesel engines.
  • Can be used in car engines, trucks and buses, tractors, motorbikes, boat engines, lawnmowers, motor saws, forklift engines, compressed air or electrical power generation…


  • Makes engine start easier when extreme cold and wet weather.
  • Helps fire hard to start engines.
  • Protects battery and starter against wear.
  • Eases starting engines after long storage.


Spray briefly «Start+» in the intake (max 2 seconds). Start the engine immediately without the help of glow plug ( diesel engine). Always spray after mass airflow sensor so as no product touches it. Attention must be paid to the flammability of the product for both operator safety and for the preservation of the engine.

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