• Keeps clean the injection system, the intake valves and the combustion chambers.

• Lubricates the injection pump and the injectors in order to compensate the absence of lead in the fuel.

• Eliminates organic deposits.

• Separates any water from the petrol and prevents it from being fed into the injection system : Anti-emulsifier action.

• Protects unleaded fuel from oxidation: Fuel stabiliser.

• Protects the injection system from corrosion.


• Preserves the original engine performance and its characteristics.

• Reduces pollution.

• Avoids excessive fuel consumption: fuel savings.

• Reduces the wear of the engine.

• A smoother and more pleasant driving.

Instructions for use:

Pour the dose into the fuel tank, if possible before refueling. A dose is suitable for a petrol tank of 40 to 70 liters. Renew the treatment every 10 000 to 15 000 km. Consult the safety precautions of the product.

Net Volume : 250 ml

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