1135 - SOFT-NET Non-aggressive surface cleaner


  • Cleaner and degreaser for a wide variety of uses.
  • Non-aggressive on most plastics and a large number of materials : Contains no chlorine derivative, acetone, xylene or methanol.
  • Fast and residue-free evaporation
  • Head-up / Head-down valve allows application in less accessible areas


  • Removes traces of glue from adhesives, labels, decorations, etc.
  • Fast and effective action on traces of fresh resins.
  • This single product makes it possible to easily clean and degrease numerous types of soiling on a very wide variety of substrates.

Depending on the case, apply the product directly to the surface or to the cloth / micro fiber. Leave to act for a few moments and wipe off, preferably with a clean microfiber. If the surface to be cleaned is unusual or seems particularly delicate, test on a hidden part. Observe the safety precautions indicated on the product.

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