8714 - Textile and carpet cleaner


  • Efficient cleaning foam compatible with many materials.
  • Fresh fragrance.
  • Silicone free.


  • Cleans efficiently the seats, carpets and all trims of the vehicles (counterpanes,
  • arm rests...).
  • Revives the appearance of fabrics.
  • Simple and efficient use.

Check color stability by testing on a hidden part. Vacuum the surface before treating. Shake before use, spray the foam and let it act a few moments. Rub preferably with a brush or a micro fiber. Make a final wipe with a clean, slightly wet micro fiber. For best results, it is recommended to work with complete panels. Wipe off with a clean cloth. In the case of carpets, a vaccum cleaning at the end of treatment raises the piles and makes carpets look like new. Coatings such as alcantara®, leather and others require specific cleaning agents.

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