Setting a cookie
A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer when visiting a website or viewing an advertisement. In particular, they aim to collect information about your browsing on sites and to send you personalized services. In your computer cookies are managed by your web browser.

The ECOTEC cookies
These cookies deposited by Ecotec on your terminal for the purposes of navigation on our website, optimization and personalization of our services on the site.

The settings of your web browser
You can always choose to disable these cookies. Your browser can also be set to alert you to cookies that are deposited in your computer and ask you to accept or not. You can accept or reject cookies on a case by case basis or systematically refuse once and for all. We remind you that the setting may change your conditions of access to our services requiring the use of cookies. If your browser is configured to reject all cookies, you will not make purchases or take advantage of key features of our site, such as storing items in your shopping cart or receiving personalized recommendations. To manage cookies as close to your expectations please change your browser taking into account the purpose of cookies as mentioned above. To control or prevent the registration of cookies configuring each browser is different. It is described in the help menu on your browser, allowing you to learn how to change your wishes regarding cookies.