350 - RTV SEAL Silicon Gasket

350 - RTV SEAL Silicon Gasket


  • Acid free, oxime based, technical silicone. Meets OEM specifications.
  • High resistance to engine oils, transmission oils as well as coolants.
  • Service temperature range: -60°C - +260°C temporarily up to 315°C.
  • Very elastic: 280 % elongation before break.
  • Pressurized container 200 ml.


  • Ensures long lasting and flexible sealing in areas which contain oil and coolant.
  • No acid corrosion on aluminum, iron and steel.
  • No negative impact on electronic components and lambda sensors.
  • Allows sealing the housings on water pumps, engine oil sumps, valves, gearboxes, transfer boxes…
  • Packaging allowing the realization of proportioned and regular seals, which is a guarantee of quality. Its black color ensures good aesthetics.


Older seals must be completely removed. Application surfaces must be clean, dry, free of oil and dust. Apply evenly, continuously and without excess. Not compatible with fuel. Generally apply according to requirements of the manufacturer and / or good practices.

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