1063 - CT 71221 Cockpit Multipurpose Lubricant


  • Blend of efficient and non sticky lubricants.
  • Has a renovating effect.
  • Silicone free.


  • Allows general maintenance of plastic parts and interior seals.
  • Provides a non-sticky and water-resistant lubrication.
  • Has an antistatic and anti-UV action.
  • Reduces noise and crackles generated by the friction between plastic parts.
  • Allows restoring the good sliding of the windows in their cavity.
  • Allows restoring correct operation of the safety belts (rewinding) and avoids changes of the belts.


Shake and spray at a distance of 20 - 30 cm to the parts to be treated. It is advisable not to treat areas of the belt directly in contact with clothing. Do not apply on the steering wheel and pedals.

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