1213 - Professional diesel intake circuit cleaner


  • Product to be used with the intake cleaning machine Ecotec 8002.
  • Active ingredient cleaning soot, gums and oily deposits.
  • Solvent free for a safer use.


  • Cleans the combustion chamber and the injector nozzle (preventive and curative action) and ensures a better functioning of the anti-pollution loop in the engine.
  • Cleans the intake system including valves without having to disassemble the whole system which means significant time savings.
  • Reduces fuel overconsumption caused by fouling and restores pollutant emissions to their original level.
  • Releases the power of diesel engines, affected by the presence of a big quantity of EGR residues.

Product to be used with the ECOTEC automatic intake cleaning machine ref. 8002. Perform the
operation outdoors. If impossible place a gas recovery unit at the exhaust. Connect to the OBD
socket and check for a fault code that could prevent the cleaning operation. Use the appropriate
protections (see safety sheet). Check the oil and coolant levels. Locate the air inlet of the intake
manifold (after the intercooler and therefore after the air flow meter and the turbo). Remove the
hose to allow the injection venturi to be installed at this point of the circuit and choose the
adapter (60 or 90 mm). Install the adapter on the injection venturi.
Pour the product into the tank of the machine. 1 liter of product treats the diesel engine of a
normal vehicle. Connect the machine to the vehicle battery respecting the polarity. Start the
engine. Place the injection venturi and adjust it so that the vacuum strongly holds it to the air
inlet. On some engines, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply from the EGR valve. Press
the regulator button to set the pulses per minute at the average level of 50 and press the power
button. After 4 minutes remove the injection venturi and check the inlet of the intake. You
should find a wet admission without excess. If there is more than one drop of product, decrease
the number of pulsations. If the collector seems totally dry, the number of pulsations can be
increased to 60. Check again 4 minutes later. The time necessary for the treatment is 1:30 - - 2
hours and the engine must run normally, at idle WITHOUT ACCELERATING. Once the machine is
empty, unplug the machine and remove the injection venturi. Stop the engine, refit the intake
and reconnect the EGR valve. Check the absence of a fault code. Restart the engine and make a
test drive at over 3000 rpm . If not possible accelerate to 3500 rpm for 30 seconds then 4/5
accelerations from idle until 3500 rpm. This operation must be followed by an oil drain and a
filter change.

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