1150 - A/C Leak Stop


  • The active components of the product are microdispersed. They only accumulate wherethe leak is situated (such as platelets in the blood).
  • The product is polymer free and does not react with moisture or oxygen which avoidsclogging the circuit.
  • Compatible with the R134a and with the R1234yf used from 2013 to replace the R134a.
  • Visible to all UV lights: tracer effect.


  • Permanent sealing of micro leaks on rubber and metal parts of automotive air conditioning systems.
  • Saves time spent on searching and repairing the leak, especially when the disassemblyof the dashboard is required.
  • Can also be used as a preventive treatment.
  • Allows treatment of recent and old fleet of vehicles with a single product.

Vehicle A/C : 1. Start the engine 2. Turn the A/C on and set the lowest temperature. 3. Locate
the low-pressure charging port of the A/C system 4. Connect the cartridge to the port through the gas adapter (green for R1234yf yf and black for R134a) . Introduce the ‘A/C Leak Stop’ into the system. 5. Run the A/C System in this condition for at least 30 minutes. The product can not repair leaks superior than 0.3 mm. Is is possible to make a preventive check test before use : Connect a vacuum pump and make the vacuum of the A/C system for 5 minutes at minus 1 bar. Check on the gauge, the vacuum value should be maintained at minus 1 bar for at least 4 minutes. If not, the leak can not be repaired with this product. It is reminded that any intervention on an air conditioning circuit must be done with safety equipment and be carried out by a professional. Certain vehicles (for example Prius II and its specific oil) have a circuit with particular characteristics, which must be respected, the treatment of these circuits is not possible.
A/C Stop Leak can also be used on fixe air conditioners, with a suitable procedure.

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